A Game You Will LOVE: Pub Trivia

Last weekend family taco night turned into an impromptu game night. I'm usually not a huge fan of trivia games because quite frankly I'm terrible at them. I loved school and did well in college, but ask me for hard facts, names, and dates about anything beyond what happened yesterday and I'm no good to you. Pub Trivia gives me the ego boost I've been searching for, largely because I get to play on a team with people who generally can remember everything that I can't (which is mostly everything). And then there's a fun drawing section which is where I can at least contribute something and play the artistic-intelligence card. The game involves multiple questions grouped together for each round, and they vary between multiple choice, lists, direct answers, name that decade, and art. 

The game took very little time to figure out and was immediately fun. It also seems to be appropriate for a lot of players who are as young as 10, which makes it a great family gift. I recommend keeping one on hand for those impromptu game nights with friends and family. It's available now on Amazon and at Walmart.

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