Daring Tumblers or Just an Obscene Price?

The Barneys catalog arrived today and instead of immediately recycling it like I usually do, I took at peek at all the $3,500 containers for lip gloss, pens, loose change, bobby pins, bubble gum, and credit cards, commonly referred to as purses. That put me in a bad mood so I turned to the men's section hoping to see something sensible, but the wallets with spikes (designed by a spiteful woman and or a daft man?) and men's watches with men's lavatory symbols on the 2nd hand failed to lift my spirits. So then came the home section where I stumbled on these tumblers. If the name Lobmeyr means something to you, or you have a diagnosable fascination with the seven deadly sins, then spending $305.00 for EACH glass will make sense to you. But if you have enough brains not to value something simply because it costs a fortune, or because a high-end department store declares mediocre art purchase-worthy, or because a pair of breasts that resemble olives permanently live on the bottom of your glass, you'll only pity those who don't. Well it's too bad pity isn't a deadly sin. Because who buys seven glasses?

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