Product Spotlight: Karlsson's Gold

We were lucky enough to use Karlsson's Gold during our shoot for Setting the Bar and it has turned up in many of our cocktails ever since. It's a Swedish vodka and family-made from fine Virgin New Potatoes, a tender heirloom potato and a delicacy in Sweden. The vodka is as flavorful as it can be for a vodka without, of course, being considered a flavored vodka, and it lends itself well to cocktails veering to the herbal or savory side. If you've got a Costco membership, you'll be happy to know that Karlsson's Vodka is offering an exclusive Bloody Mary gift set, complete with a bottle of Karlsson's, Powell & Mahoney's Bloody Mary Mix, and Karlsson's signature black pepper. This is a great opportunity to try a vodka I'm betting you'll love and have all the ingredients at hand for a ready-to-serve cocktail.

To learn how to make your own spicy Bloody Mary Mix, click here. To make radish infused vodka for a great Bloody Mary, click here.

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