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We generally feel good about drinking but when it comes to pouring a glass of Om we feel especially good, and it's not just because of the taste. Om is a company that takes sustainability so seriously that it not only makes delicious USDA certified organic cocktails, it plants a tree for every bottle sold. And the goodness doesn't stop there! We interviewed acclaimed mixologist Natalie Bovis and savvy entrepreneur Jason Monkarsh to find out more. Here's the story... This Girl: Now that we've tasted Om we can attest to the delightful flavors in your recipes. How much trial and error was involved in finding the perfect mix?

Natalie: We spent over 2 years developing the perfect product to reflect our goals with OM Cocktails.  We worked closely with our suppliers and went through many variations before settling upon the final products.  We are very pleased with the result - a slightly sweetened, ready-to-pour cocktail.

This Girl: What prompted you to join forces with Jason to create an organic cocktail?

Natalie: Jason reached out to me with this idea, and I jumped on the opportunity to bring what I do to a larger audience.  Since launching The Liquid Muse in 2006, my goal has been to educate consumers through blogging, in-person classes, cocktail books, classes and events such as The Liquid Muse Cocktail Club educational parties.  With Om Cocktails, the average person shopping for a meal can add a bottle to their basket, and easily take home a quality beverage without having to go through the steps of learning how to make drinks.  I am proud that there has been attention to detail for both what is in the bottle, as well as the packaging and overall message. The fact that a tree is planted for every bottle sold is wonderful.

This Girl: From what we hear, it's not just the ingredients in Om that are kind to environment. What does your company do to minimize its carbon footprint?

Jason: As mentioned, we plant one tree for every bottle sold through a partnership with Trees for the Future. This is a great organization that goes into areas around the world that have been devastated by natural disasters and helps these communities re-plant. We also off-set the carbon footprint by shipping our cases to our distributor, using a light-weight reduced glass bottle, printing our labels at a wind-powered printing facility, using only water-based non-toxic inks, and shipping our product in 75% post-consumer recycled cases. We are continuing to experiment with other materials as they become more readily available, like corn-based plastic shrink bands and non-tree papers that will print our logo designs. Even our business cards are earth-friendly; when planted it can grow wildflowers.

This Girl: Natalie, are you working on any new cocktail mixes that your fans can look forward to?

Natalie: We will be rolling out new flavors of Om Cocktails in the coming months.  I do a lot of consulting and Research & Development work with other beverage companies, so there may possibly be new products I've influenced coming out soon.  There isn't anything I am liberty to speak about at this moment, though.

This Girl: The presentation of the bottle is extremely eye-catching. What inspired the whimsical font, the tassel, and the beautiful bottle design?

Jason: I worked with branding expert Diane Kennedy of Blossom Graphic Design for over a year to come up with the perfect design and name. We were inspired by the antique apothecary bottles with hand-written labels - much like you see in mixology bars at the moment that hold various flavors and extracts. The font, torn looking label, and skewed placement are meant to convey a hand-crafted vibe, something that feels like the mixologist just put an old parchment label on and hand wrote the ingredients on the bottle. The symbol is the Om symbol, which among many other meanings is a chant in yoga practice that means, "to achieve perfection in the practice of generosity." The name Om is also an acronym for Organic Mixology. All these elements together bring customers a thoughtfully prepared organic drink that uses the highest quality ingredients available.

This cocktail will make a lovely addition to your holidays, not to mention a fantastic present or hostess gift. Swing by your local Gelsons or Whole Foods to pick up a bottle today, or order online here.


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