Go Super Bowl Accessory Crazy!

Sunday is the day when you get to bust out all that football paraphernalia you've been storing since your last Super Bowl party. And this is the week that you get to treat your inner QB to a few new festive do-dads in preparation for the hoards of people who will be infiltrating your home. Here are some of our picks. Let us know what you like, what you hate, and what you already have.

Impulsive Creativity brings us turf drink coasters to prove that when it comes to sports, you don't mess around. For $22.00 you can buy yourself a handmade set of four. The beauty of this particular design is that they transition from football to golf to baseball to soccer with ease, giving you real bang for your buck. And if you're desperate for some yard lines, there's got to be a bottle of white out or white nail polish somewhere in the house.

Pull those homemade shredded chicken nachos out of the oven in style with these football oven mitts from Perpetual Kid. Each glove is $12.99 and guaranteed to be in fashion every year from September through the Super Bowl. With a "non-slip, textured grip surface" you can rest assured that no casserole will ever be fumbled, and that a game of hot potato will be taken to a whole new level.

Saw these in the supermarket the other day and had to get them. A disposable red cup is so freshman year, so trailer park, so tragically bachelor pad. But a reusable red cup is just so environmentally conscious, so sophisticated, and so holding-on-to-your-youth. Order them from The Gadget Experience for $5.99 a pop.


These personalized football beer glasses are brought to you curtesy of  Great Gifts For Men. We know quite a few ladies who will think they're great too. For $27.95 you can engrave the glasses with words like "Beer Champ," "Guzzle Down," or "BFF"... Best Football Fanatic. Their website also boasts awesome Super Bowl accessories like cutting boards, flasks disguised as hammers, and Party Ice Luge (which I can't really figure out). The glassware ships in 3-4 days so chop chop!

Boozin' Gear.com has a unique take on the head protection debate. For $24.95 this hands-free cup holder and beer straw will allow you to high-five epic plays with both your hands. You'll also have that extra cushion of protection for any spontaneous rough-housing during halftime. This cool company also sells everything from beer pong to bar stools to neon lights. Chances are you'll find something for your next party unrelated to football.


This football bean bag chair from BizChair.com means business. For $73.99 you can have a 10-pound chair shipped for free to your home in time for Sunday's game. Guarantee yourself the best seat in the house with comfort and style. BizChair.com also carries folding chairs, folding tables, and medical equipment. They must understand how intense a group of people sitting around in bean bags chairs can get.

I have never in my life in seen so many variations of football cupcakes. My goodness! But just look at how happy they are. Create your own masterpiece or find some inspiration from websites like FancyFlours.com, which offers dozens of cupcake recipes, baking themes, decoration techniques, and supplies. What better way to chase down a cold Michelada than a with a cupcake? Put your culinary talents to the test and round out what is sure to be a rockin' Super Bowl party.


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