Product Spotlight: Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla, pronounced hey-la-la, is a new kitchen staple in our household. It's a cocktail ingredient, a coffee sweetener, a pancake dresser, a greek yogurt desourer (desourer: v to make something not sour), a salad dressing component, a dessert topper, and if that doesn't check all the boxes, circle back tomorrow and I'll add a few more ways to incorporate this fantastic syrup into your diet. A few weeks ago we walked you through the steps of making homemade vanilla simple syrup but this is waaaay easier. Just open the bottle and pour. The design is lovely, the syrup is rich enough to last weeks and weeks, and there is a genuine vanilla bean in the dang bottle.

Pick some up for yourself at a local Bristol Farms or Whole Foods, or order online through Dean & Deluca, Williams Sonoma, OpenSky, and ChefShop. Once you use some, let us know what you think!


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