This Girl's Thursday Threads: Super Bowl Party Attire!

We are very excited to announce our new blog series titled, "This Girl's Thursday Threads." Our expert Sara Neal will offer fashion tips, spotlight the latest trends, and provide guidance for parties with an unavoidable the Super Bowl!  Now you'll know what cocktail to order and what to wear while drinking it. Superbowl Style by Sara Neal Candito

Let me be perfectly honest & tell you that I'm completely unqualified to discuss strategies regarding the big game on Sunday. I don't know my 1st down from a 2 point conversion.  However, I am thrilled to coach you in what to wear to a Superbowl soirée. The "don't I look amazing without any effort" look is one of the hardest achieved victories that exists. Let's lay down some ground rules for the event...

The sweats & team jerseys should be left in the locker room. They are universally unflattering & will incur penalties with the hot guy at the other end of the sofa. Most likely this shindig will be at a friend's house & not the club. Let's bench the mini skirts, itty bitty camis & stilettos. Remember, wardrobe malfunctions are best left to the half time talent.

Keep the hair & makeup simple & chic. Nothing says trying too hard like faux lashes while eating chicken wings. The tv screen will be getting most of the attention that afternoon anyway.

Here are some ideas that will look great on a 49er or a Ravens fan...

Classic stripes on top of bright, patterned denim is always a winning combination.







A soft cowl tee dress paired with some oxfords or slip on stripey flats is a fun& flirty combo.







For you girly girls (I'm one of you!) a shift dress in a fun tribal print is the winning ticket.






A sweet little eyelet short with a gauzy blouse is perfect for you blessed few who live in a warm climate in January.






Complete your ensemble with a scarf or necklace in your teams colors (ahem, red & gold). No matter who wins on the field,  these ideas will help you bring home the best dressed trophy.






Sara Neal Candito owns & operates the most fabulous boutique, Annabella's San Francisco. She fancies herself your fashion bon vivant.


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