THIS GIRL'S Valentine's Day Advice

Buy. Her. The. Ring. Gentlemen. Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away and you need to know that your girlfriend is secretly consumed by what’s planned for February 14th.  And so is her mom. And her sister. And all her friends. Because once a woman decides that she wants to marry you, a covert operation to telepathically send you the “I’m/she’s ready now” signals launches into full motion.

You’ve been dating close to a year. Maybe longer. Maybe much, much longer. And things are going swimmingly. You love her and know that one day you should settle down and probably grow old with her. Not that you’ve exactly mapped out how to execute the marriage thing, the home ownership part, the child rearing craziness and everything that comes with it, but that’s just how you roll. Surely she’ll be ready to say yes when you need her to. She’s super chill like that.

Well let me tell you what’s going through her head. That “chill,” laid back, low-maintenance lady is thinking, “He didn’t ask me over Thanksgiving weekend when we were with his family baking pies, taking long walks, and drinking wine into the wee hours of the night. He didn’t ask me on Christmas Eve when we were spooning under a blanket by a roaring fire while I listened to his NFL picks for Christmas Day. And he didn’t ask me on New Year’s Eve when I looked so damn hot that I personally contributed to the planet’s global warming crisis. So he had better ask me on Valentine’s Day or things will get frosty.

So guys, just do it. Who cares about the cliché of the Valentine’s Day proposal? When it comes to the woman you love, corniness can’t be a factor. Yes, hundreds, perhaps thousands of other boyfriends will be popping the exact same question that night but she rather be part of a collective commitment than left with a bare ring finger on the 15th.

Take her to a nice restaurant and splurge on a good bottle of wine. Or skydive from space together and land at a picnic. Or stay home on the porch and drink beer until the pizza with the surprise “ingredient” arrives. Whatever. Just get her the goods. She’ll love you even more for it.

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