Look What We Found: The Purse Saver

Leave it to a chef to know about all the important gadgets. We were out a few nights ago with some friends and one of the women, who also happens to be an amazing personal chef, whipped out a little device that I couldn't believe I didn't already know about. Usually I sit down down on a barstool and immediately feel around blindly for a hook from which to hang my purse. Usually they're hidden somewhere beneath the bar's ledge and placed at random spots. I'd say that one out of five bars have what I'm looking for. The rest of the time I either plunk my purse on the bar (looks ridiculous with my purse size), put it on the floor (gross), or keep it slung over my shoulder (pain-in-the-ass).

Now, thanks to Chef Julie, I have a solution: the mini mobile purse hook. These little gadgets hang right on the edge of a bar or table and keep your purse clean, handy, and safe all night long. Here's a few we found. Click here to be taken to the Amazon page.



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