THIS GIRL'S Thursday Threads: Your Valentine's Day Wardrobe

Valentine's Day Outfits! by Sara Neal Candito Got a date with Mr. Hottie Mc Hot Pants? Planning a romp about town with your besties? Staying in for a quiet dinner & movie? Whatever your plans may be, I've got some great outfit inspiration to ensure you look fabulous this Valentine's Day.

DATE NIGHT All right ladies who are being wined & dined with a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant, you've got no excuse not to bring it. I'm talking red dress, lace, heels... tonight is the night when you can pull out all the stops. Having said that, I would keep the accessories simple since these dress ideas are going to get a lot of attention from your date (as well as the valet, waiter & sommellier).

GIRLS NIGHT OUT Your girlfriends have been there for you through the good (college graduation, weekend getaways & SATC marathons), the bad (nasty break-ups, unfortunate hair cuts & 90s fashions) and the ugly (nothing says love like holding your hair back on your 30th, oops I mean 21st, bday).  What better way to celebrate true love than a night out with your best girls. Debut some of this spring's feminine pastels & florals. This pretty peplum dress will get you a high five from your friends along with a cute guy's digits by the end of the evening. As far as jewelry goes, let's embrace the holiday with an attitude of the girlier the better. This lacy collar & "love" necklace fit the bill. Why not attempt this mani idea with each other over a glass of champagne before you hit the town.

STAYING IN Since my hubby & I have a toddler, we will be celebrating V-Day with a quiet & calm evening in (well one can dream of such a night with a 20 month old).  I will be tossing my yoga pants in favor of some colorful skinny jeans & a fun color blocked top or a sequined heart tee. Sweet & simple with the jewelry too.  Conversation hearts serve as great color inspiration forthis bracelet & earrings (but they taste disgusting so why can't I stop eating them).

Happy Valentine's Day!

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