Chocolate Egg Shots

Hollow Choc EggsAfter Easter dinner, surprise your guests with one more treat. A chocolate egg shot! We used Cadbury chocolate creme eggs which hold about a ½ ounce of your favorite spirit or liqueur, but any hollow egg will do (anything larger than your fist could get embarrassing so keep it reasonable people). Step 1: Unwrap your chocolate egg.

Step 2: Run a sharp knife under hot water until the metal is heated.

Step 3: Using the heated knife, carefully shave off the top of the egg, leaving a large enough space to scoop out the filling.

Step 4: Remove any filling with the end of a spoon, a small spatula, or popsicle stick.Choc Egg Shots

Step 5: Fill the egg up with your favorite mix. Some of our favorites are Kahlua French Vanilla, Godiva White Chocolate, Creme de Menth with heavy creme, and Chambord and Tia Maria.

Step 6: Eat the egg!!!

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