How to Make Peeps Infused Vodka

PeepsIt wouldn't be Easter if you didn't make yourself a batch of vodka infused with Peeps. Not all candy infuses well - some dissolve into a sugary mess that ruins the vodka and makes your cocktail undrinkable. Peeps works well though, dissolving just enough to allow the marshmallow flavor to come through. Here's how you make it:

Step One: Buy a ton of Peeps. If someone in the store doesn't make a comment like, "Wow- you must really love Peeps," or, "Hey-leave some for the kids" then you haven't bought enough. Prepping PeepsTry to go for a mishmash of color and species (bunnies and chickies).

Step Two: Squeeze as many of the marshmallows as you can into a jar, martini shaker, food storage container, or empty water bottle.

Step Three: Pour your favorite vodka over the Peeps until they are submerged. For some inexplainable reason I used an organic vodka made from Quinoa called Fair. Yes- it's like serving wild Salmon with m&ms sprinkled on top but it Peeps in Vodkahappened to turn out great so cheers to unconventionality!

Step Four: Store your infusion in the refrigerator for a few hours, gently shaking or stirring the mixture when you think of it. The vodka will take on the colors of the Peeps, so if you mushed a bunch of different colors in like I did, it will start to look like that cup of water you dipped your watercolor brushes in as a kid → not pretty. But this is okay because every drink that I'll suggest you make include mixers.

Step Five: Use the vodka for your favorite vodka cocktails or try a drink I created just for Peeps. *Those will post in just a few hours, which gives you time this morning to go get your vodka and your peeps.

Step Six: The most thrilling part of making a drink with Peeps infused vodka, is of course, garnishing with a Peeps. Have fun, and send us a photo of your creations!

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