Product Spotlight: Herb Crystals® & Flower Crystals®

herb_crystals_sampler-lgWe were recently sent a few packages of Herb & Flower Crystals® from a delightful company called Fresh Origins. These little sugar crystals add a hint of flavor and a layer of natural color to your drinks. It's flavored sugar with natural, good-for-you ingredients. When a drink like a Champagne Cocktail requires a sugar cube, you can easily substitute a teaspoon of Herb Crystals® for the plain white sugar. You can also skip the process of making homemade simple syrups by using these crystals (though you'll get a different consistency). Simply mix equal parts crystals and water to substitute for simple syrup.

Fresh Origins current selection of crystals contains four choices: fennel, mint, rose and lavender. You mixologists out there will also be pleased to know that this company also sells MicroGreens, edible flowers, shoots, and petite greens to enhance your cocktail creations.

Visit their website here: Fresh Origins

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