Jell-O Shots for Mother's Day? $#!%@ Yeah

MD JellO TrioMaybe mom needs to get in touch with her inner party girl on Mother's Day. Maybe mom needs to remember what it was like back before the kiddo's (obviously less happier times). Maybe mom understands that Mother's Day usually ends with brunch, and so maybe after story time she'll extend the "holiday" just a wee bit longer.  

If this sounds like you or someone you know, this shot's for you, hot mama.

Rainbow Jell-O Shots ½ vodka ¼ boiling water ¼ cold water ½ cup Jell-O powder (vary them!)

Directions: These take a little time, as you need to let each layer chill before you add a new one. But it won't take much more than an hour. If you've used tall shot glasses like we did, you might want to detach the Jell-O from the side of the glass with a knife, or even remove them and break it into smaller, more polite pieces.

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