Patriotic Cocktails: Red White & Blue Jell-O Shots

TG Mem Shot 1I don't know what it is about vodka Jell-O shots but they make everyone so dang happy. I'm being serious. This weekend, stand by your front door to greet your guests with a tray full of these and you'll witness people squeal with delight, laugh, and say things like, "Oh no...remember what happened after the last time I had a few of these?" Make them the night before so that you don't stress out and so that the colors will properly layer and not turn into an unpatriotic shade of bleck.

This is how you make a Patriotic Vodka Jell-O shot:

  • Pour 1 cup of boiling water into a measuring pitcher with red or blue Jell-O powder inside.
  • Mix it well, but let it sit for a little while, or least until it stops steaming.
  • Add one cup of your favorite spirit (I usually use vanilla or cotton candy flavored vodka for Jell-O shots). And no, the alcohol does not all instantly evaporate.
  • Mix again and pour a small amount into shot glasses.
  • Refrigerate immediately! Once that first layer has solidified, repeat the process with a new color.


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