THIS GIRL'S Thursday Threads: Weddings

What to Wear to a Wedding
By Sara Neal Candito
I adore weddings. How could you not? Everyone is dressed up & celebrating with their dear friends & family. Mix in copious amounts of champagne, a mildly inappropriate best man's speech with the chicken dance & it really doesn't get much better. "But what do I wear", you ask? Have no fear, I've got some great ideas. Whether you are attending an outdoor garden party, black tie soiree, or beachy gathering these pieces will make sure your wedding wardrobe is the as blissful as the bride & groom.

Outdoor Garden Party
Outdoor weddings are lovely. I like the relaxed atmosphere & beautiful settings. Maxi dresses & skirts are perfect for these occasions. Remember to wear wedges or flats since you may be wandering over uneven terrain.
Black Tie Soiree
Oh how I love a black tie affair. When else do you get to don your finest & pretend you are rich & famous for the night. These lovely frocks will make you the belle of the ball without upstaging the bride.
Beachy Gathering
Beach weddings are filled with romance & whimsy. This collection of aqua & blue dresses reflect the oceanic surroundings & laid back vibe at such a get together. Flats are a must since you most definitely will be tromping through the sand.

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