Tuaca, Born Again

  Right: Chilled

Tuaca was always that bottle that sat on the top shelf of the bar, undisturbed. Once in a while someone would order it, but that person was usually my grandfather's age.

Well, Tuaca wised up and refreshed their image with this beautiful new bottle that changes color with temperature. The famous tattoo artist Corey Miller designed the custom label for the bottle, bringing a current vibe to a classic drink. Its modern look matches its contemporary taste and has surely been promoted to more prominent shelves by bartenders.

We hope it has your attention because this vanilla citrus liqueur is hard not to like love. At this very moment, I'm enjoying it with a glass of rosé - yes mixed in. You will probably also like using Tuaca in my drink called Country Comfort. We'll have a few more recipes using Tuaca for you soon, so stay tuned!

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