Dude Approved: Jefferson's Bourbon

DudeApprovedRecently we gave a bottle of Jefferson's Bourbon to our good friend Dean to try. We like to get a man's perspective on our blog and thought that he'd be up to the challenge. Well, we asked the right guy because he took the assignment very seriously, tasting the small-batch bourbon over the course of several days with different food pairings, and for various occasions, be it happy hour or post dinner. Here's what he had to say: "Love the simple almost old fashioned bottle. I also like pulling the wood topped cork out.  Feels like you're drinking something special even before your first taste.

I poured mine over a single globe shaped ice cube. It's all about the ice cubes these days. The rich, big flavor of the bourbon whiskey is delicious and the long finish lasts a long time. The warmth continues to flow like no other spirit does. I'm immediately relaxed and feeling really good.

The ice is either melting a little or I'm getting more used to the bourbon Jefferson's Bourbonbut the flavor continues to become smoother and smoother.

This is the way to take the edge off my hectic day and transition to time at home. I really like Jefferson's.

Dean Catalano is a Wealth Advisor with Wells Fargo Private Bank and lives with his beautiful wife and two young children in Pacific Palisades, CA

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