Review of Fabio Viviani's New Cookbook

Fabio's Italian KitchenOn Saturday I was excited to meet Fabio Viviani and hear about his new cookbook, Fabio's Italian Kitchen. Actually, "hear" isn't the right word because he cooked for us too - three delicious selections from his book, which he says is more a memoir than a cookbook. It's easy to see why Mr. Viviani was voted the Fan Favorite for Top Chef. He's wonderfully charismatic, funny, and open. He shared a lot about his upbringing and the challenges his family faced in Italy when they had humble means. He joked that the day his family was told they were a "low-income" family was a day of joy for them; it meant that they had an income.

Viviani may have a rags to riches story now, but from his cookbook, you'd never guess that he has become a star. The cookbook lacks pretense or chef elitism. It's a book for people who want to make the recipes in the photos and not just display them on a coffee table.

I think you'll love this book and appreciate its simple, easy-to-follow recipes. My only criticism would be that there aren't any Italian cocktail recipes. But I guess that what we're here for.

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