The 6 Best Gifts for Father's Day 2013

Father's Day is this Sunday and we've rounded up the best gifts for dad. Some of our suggestions are highfalutin and others are just silly fun. We know that dads are guys who are happy just getting a card, but we think he'd be darn happy with one of these presents too. 36th Vote36th Vote Barreled Manhattan I first learned of this barrel-aged Manhattan during my interview with David Perkins, owner of High West Distillery. I've tasted enough of their products to know that anything they make would be suitable for dad, but the barrel-aged Manhattan is extraordinary. All the ingredients of a traditional Manhattan (whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters) are aged in a 2-year-old rye whiskey barrel for 120 days. It's just enough time for those flavors to blend into one harmonious and divine cocktail. Look for it at your local boutique wine and spirit shop or order through Wally's Wine and have it shipped.


Himilayan SaltHimalayan-Salt Tequila Shot Glasses Spare dad the burden of rimming his tequila glass with salt by giving him these shot glasses made from it. The salt is hard-pressed and does not dissolved easily (obviously you can't run these in the dishwasher or soak them in water after use). The cavity holds an ounce and a half of liquid, which means that mini Margaritas and Bloody Maria's will work well with these too. Stop by your local Sur la Table or order online.


Leather wrapped shakerLeather Wrapped Martini Shaker If your dad doesn't already have a small collection of martini shakers, maybe it's time to help him build his display. Even the smallest home bar look a little more sophisticated with a few fancy shakers, a crystal decanter, and few high-end spirits. Heck- a bar doesn't have to be more than a tray on the kitchen table! If you'd like to personalize the leather with your dad's initials, they'll monogram it for you or you can leave the handsome leather untouched. Either way, this is a gift dad will surely love. Order it now from Mark and Graham.



Jefferson's Bourbon This small batch bourbon was named after one of our country's founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Trey  Zoeller and his dad Chet Zoeller, a well respected bourbon historian, have created a bourbon with such a smooth and complex taste that it would surely make the man who spoke five languages, became President of the United States, and founded the University of Virginia proud. The bottle design is so simple and classy that I actually left it unopened for weeks in fear of ruining its perfect presentation. But I'm glad I did finally open it because the taste is divine. You can find it at BevMo! or order online here.


Crystal DecanterCrystal Decanter We've collected a few crystal decanters over the years and believe that it's a simple way to dress up your barware. It's a great vessel to store dad's favorite scotch in and also acts as a fine wine decanter. The one you see here is from Tiffany & Co., which is $180 and buys quality assurance and that gorgeous blue box. But if you've got a few hours to spare on a Saturday or Sunday morning, we'd recommend looking for this same piece or something similar at your local flea market. We've run into a few vendors selling Tiffany & Co. glassware for an extremely fair price, and we've also found glass decanters that look just as fancy for $10. Brand new or gently used, we think dad will like it.


Rum by Dave Broom"Rum" by Dave Broom This book is beautiful, informative, and wonderfully written. It gives a detailed yet concise explanation of the history of rum, explains how rum is made, and takes you on a descriptive and pictorial journey to the islands that are supplying the world with rum. Its handsome cover will dress up dad's coffee table, night stand, or home bar quite well and the recipes in the back will inspire dad to use that martini kit you got him for his birthday. This book may be the inspiration he needed to start mixing drinks like a pro.

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