Coffee Cocktail Recipes with Patrón XO Cafe

Coffee with a splash of something special is a decadent way to end a long day or a good meal. Just this past weekend we facilitated a private mixology party that culminated with participants enjoying a rich coffee cocktail made from just the right balance of java, homemade fruity simple syrup, coffee liqueur, and cream. If we hadn’t been in La Jolla, California, where summer evening temperatures often drop into the 60s, the weather would probably have been perfect to serve one of our favorite afternoon cocktails: iced coffee. Choose decaf when it’s time to kick your shoes off and let your hair down –you won’t notice any difference in taste.


Jocelyn’s Afternoon Chocolate Coffee Cocktail 1.5 ounces Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa 1 ounce almond milk 4 ounces coffee (cooled) Chocolate shavings


Jordan’s Nightcap Raspberry Joe 1.5 ounces Patrón XO Cafe 4 ounces decaf coffee ½ ounce half & half ¾ ounces raspberry simple syrup Fresh raspberry garnish

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