Patriotic Adult Popsicles with Vodka

When there's nothing more refreshing sounding than an afternoon cocktail and and popsicle, this is the solution.  These patriotic popsicles that are perfect for your all your Americana weekend festivities. Granted they take a bit of pre planning, with three stages of freezing to get that cool layered color effect, but they are sure to impress and refresh your guests. Just be mindful to keep these beauties separate from the family ice box, as you don't want the little tykes to confuse these for Popsicle Brand's Firecracker Pop. pop 10

Adult Popsicles 8:1 ratio of juice to alcohol/liqueur Since alcohol doesn't freeze, use it sparingly for these popsicles. Mix vodka or your favorite spirit with anything red, white, and blue. Here are a few suggestions:

Red: raspberry iced tea, strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, grenadine White: cream, coconut milk, piña colada mix, horchata Blue: blueberry iced tea, kool aid, blueberry juice, lemonade or white grape juice with blue curaçao added

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