Summer Cocktails: Blueberry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

To make this drink right, it does take a little prep work. It's probably best to make it all a few hours before your guests arrive, store it in the fridge, and then wait to add any ice until it's time to serve. However, your hard work is well worth it; the presentation is beautiful and the taste is out of this world! Blueberry Mojito Cocktail

Blueberry Mojito Cocktail Recipe (Pitcher) 2 cups of Blueberries (1.5 cups for recipe and ½ a cup for garnish) ½ cup sugar 6 cups light rum 2 packages mint (1 for recipe, 1 for garnish) 12 limes (9 for recipe, 3 for garnish) Club soda (optional!!! We NEVER add soda water but this drink is super strong without it)

Directions: Muddle the blueberries in batches. Once you've collected all the juice, strain it a few times to filter out any pulp or bits of peel. This is totally not necessary unless you're psychotic like me and want your drink to be as Type-A pretty as possible (not a great quality). Pour the rum into the pitcher and add the sugar, then the blueberries. Squeeze the limes into the mint and muddle like mad. Strain the minty lime mixture into the pitcher and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Strain it again it you want or don't if you have more will power than me. Add more mint, blueberries, and lime wheels for garnishes and serve, OR hold on the garnishes if it will be a while until your guests arrive. It looks best if they're freshly put in and not soggy and wilted.

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