Summer Cocktails: Single Serving Skinny Sangria

Sangria gets an unfair rap as a party drink. Well what if you're a party of one? It seems pointless to make a large batch of this wine cocktail that you'll never finish in a night, let alone a week. Here's the solution: sangria for one. Use a white wine or rosé since you won't use the entire bottle and may want to keep it on hand for several days. Red wines have a much shorter shelf life than whites and pinks. And to keep things light, choose a low cal spirit. For this one we used Voli Light Lemon Vodka, which is 80 calories for an ounce and a half. Choose a large glass and pack it full of ice and fruit. This is a cocktail that will last you all night long.

Skinny Sangria

Skinny Sangria  2 ounces Voli Light Lemon Vodka 3 ounces rosé ½ lemon ¼ small apple handful of grapes

Directions: Slice the fruit and marinate it in the wine for a bit. 30 minutes will do but if you've planned ahead and have 2 hours to spare, even better. Pour these ingredients into a glass packed with ice, then add the Voli Light. Mix and enjoy!

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