The 6 Best Rosé Cocktail Recipes for Summer

Not to take anything away from rosé; it's delicious all by its lonesome. But by having so much of it in the wine cooler, we couldn't resist exploring what it would taste like with a few of the spirits we've got on hand. To no surprise, the combos tasted fantastic. Here are our top 5 pairings that make for a great single-serving cocktail and with a few measurement tweaks, can be made for a pitcher or punch bowl for those larger parties. Rose Cocktails

Rosé + Southern Comfort Black Cherry 4 ounces rosé ¾ ounce SoCo Black Cherry

Rosé + Skyy Vodka Infusions: Moscato Grape 4 ounces rosé 1 ounce Skyy Moscato

Rosé + St. Germain 4 ounces rosé 1 ounce St. Germain (or any elderflower liqueur)

Rosé + Russell's Reserve Small Batch Bourbon 4 ounces rosé ¾ ounce bourbon

Rosé + Mariposa Agave Liqueur 4 ounces rosé ¾ Mariposa Agave Liqueur

Rosé + Creme de Violette 4 ounces rosé ½ ounce Creme de Violette

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