Wine of the Week: Promise Wine's Rosé, The Joy

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.45.58 PMYou know when you bring home a bottle of wine that's supposed to be amazing and everything has to be perfect before you drink it? You don't want to waste it on bad food, a bad mood, or worse, bad company? Well when we opened Promise Wine's new Rosé, The Joy, we realized that the "perfect moment" goes out the window when you taste an incredible wine. It's no longer about you. It's about the wine. This rosé, crafted by wine veteran Todd Graft, is a perfectly balanced dry wine with aromas of wild strawberries and raspberries. It has enough sweetness for what we want from a rosé but steers clear from a sugary, syrupy taste . The label design is simple and classy, and of course the story behind the name is beautiful.

Order a bottle or two for yourself here and decide what kind of moment it creates for you.

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