Beer of the Week: Boatswain American I.P.A.

One beautiful Sunday afternoon (yesterday) we popped open a few beers that were actually brought over by company several weeks ago. With a full bar in the house you sometimes feel guilty drinking something that doesn't require beer. But the sun was shining, the wedding the night before left us never wanting another cocktail ever again (this feeling has already passed) and a well-chilled beer felt really right. Boats Wain Beer

This American I.P.A was mildly sweet after an initial bitterness. Malty with a touch of spice. Not going to say we were gaga over it but then again, we'll never claim to be beer experts. It was good enough for the few sips we needed. It's about two bucks from Trader Joe's and giant, so give it a try for yourself and tell us what you think.

Cocktails & Confections: Marshmallow Caramel Martini

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