Cocktails & Confections: Banana Coconut Macaroon Cocktail Recipe

ICON_CocktailsConfectionsToday we're launching a new series that matches cocktails to your favorite desserts. Email us a description or photo of a treat you'd like to drink and we'll make something divine! Today's confection is a banana coconut macaroon, made by Laughing Giraffe Organics, which we picked up at Whole Foods. The ingredients in these cookies are so basic and good that it was an easy food to replicate.

Banana Macs

Here are the ingredients in the cookie (everything but the salt is organic): unsweetened coconut, agave nectar, almonds, extra virgin coconut oil, bananas, vanilla extract, and Himalayan pink salt.

Banana Coco Macaroon

And here's our version of this confection, cocktail style:

Banana Coconut Macaroon Cocktail 1.5 ounces vanilla vodka ½ ounce coconut rum 1 teaspoon almond liqueur 1 teaspoon banana liqueur 1 teaspoon agave syrup Himalayan salt for the rim

Banana Coco Macaroon 2


Directions: Dip a glass in a thin layer or agave syrup, then dip into the Himalayan salt. Shake off the excess and add ice to the glass. Next, fill a shaker with ice and add the vanilla vodka, almond liqueur, banana liqueur, coconut rum, and agave syrup. Shake well to thoroughly distribute the agave, then strain into the salted glass.

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