Restaurant Review: Blue Plate Taco Santa Monica

Nothing is worse than having to cross a good restaurant off the list because of the service. This was our second visit to Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica and I was hoping that the inattentive service was just a fluke...but it wasn't. Although the food here is great, sitting around waiting for someone to refill your water, take your dessert order, and bring the check makes for an unpleasant dining experience. We started off with a large pitcher of jalapeño Margaritas, which were perfectly made. The balance between the heat, sweet, sour, and salt caused us to order a second pitcher thirty-five minutes into our visit.

Blue Plate Marg

Our appetizer order of freshly made guacamole was divine and the chips were light and crispy and not dripping with oil. Unfortunately the salsa tastes like a can of diced tomatoes, blended up with some garlic and onions. Pass on that.

My (Jordan) main course was an order of lobster tacos. A-Mazing. So so so so good. Even though I was full after the first taco, there was no way I was leaving the second one on my plate.

Blue Plate Lobster

We finished with an order of churros that could be the best I've had since living in San Diego. They were so fantastic that we ordered a second round. Of dessert. Proof of the yumminess.

Blue Plate Churo

The service starts off well, and then they completely forget about you. It's awful. Luckily the food is good and during both visits we've dined with wonderful people. But sadly, we will not go back.

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