Cocktails & Confections: Raspberry Hamantashen

ICON_CocktailsConfectionsThese cookies are sweet and soft and crumbly and amazing. But the ingredients made it hard to create a cocktail that completely captured its essence. This is what they're made of: enriched flour, butter, baking powder, sugar, whole eggs, whey, raspberries, and water. Not the most exciting materials to work with! I would not say that the final drink has any resemblance to the cookies, but both are still individually delicious. DSC_0267

Based on that list, I took some liberties. Here's the recipe I created that I think you'll love.


Raspberry Hamantashen Cocktail 1 ounce vodka 1 ounce vanilla vodka ½ butterscotch schnapps ¾ ounce raspberry simple syrup ¼ cup fresh raspberries tiny pinch of salt

Directions: Muddle the fresh raspberries with the two vodkas and the schnapps. Strain into a shaker filled with ice. Add the raspberry simple syrup and salt. Shake well and strain into a glass.

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