Fun Skeleton Glassware for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween party planning, the cocktail clearly comes first. However, choosing festive glassware is a close second which is why we're sharing a few (and whacky) favorites. You may only use these drinking vessels once a year but how many times have you said, "I can't believe it's already October!" Live a little and order up before you have another decor-less Halloween. Glass SkullCrystal Skull Glassware This glass is very affordable at $9.99 a glass. If you want something smaller than the beer stein in the picture, you can opt for 4 skull shot glasses. These crystal skulls aren't really made of crystal and have a clumsy seam up the middle, but it's not like you're putting this stuff on your bridal registry. Just be happy that they're dishwasher safe and grab a few for the fun of it.


Clear Skull Shot GlasssesClear Skull Shot Glasses Um, these look more like tiki shot glasses than super scary skeleton shot glasses but it's really all about what's inside the glass, right? Might we suggest serving shots of the Pineapple Mojito or perhaps the super easy Mai Tai recipe? For some reason these glasses are just begging to be filled with rum. 3 for $3.99 at


Hand ChampagneSkeleton Hand Champagne Glasses Besides being just awesomely goofy, these glasses are super practical. They are very easy to hold onto and are the most tip-proof champagne glasses that we've ever used. These glasses come from Oriental Trading so clearly they aren't build to last through generations of trick-or-treaters (or maybe even the night). However, the plastic glass part slides right out of the boney hand making them easy to clean...or recycle. 12 for $20


Harmonica SkeletonHarmonica Skeleton Shot Glass If you can call a skeleton shot glass adorable, then that's what this one is. The happy little skeleton is grooving out to the music of his harmonica while you're guzzling down the shot your poured. What we especially love about these little glasses is that they can double as candle votives. $12.50 for 1


Skull XBone Wine


Halloween Skull and Crossbones Wine Glasses These wine glasses have a small frosted (or black if you'd like) skull and crossbones. But the best part is that they can hold up to 19 ounces of wine, sangria, tequila, liquid candy name it. The company also has wine glasses with bats, tombstones, and black cats. $34.99 for 4



Skeleton Beer MugSkeleton Creature Beer Mug Drink your beer in style with this alien looking skeleton that ships from Beaverton, Oregon. It's dishwasher safe and holds 27 ounces worth of beer. It's also hand crafted which makes for a nice gift too. We think that this skeleton is creepy enough for Halloween but hip enough for use every other day of the year. $19.00

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