How to Make a Gin and Tonic...Correctly

The easy way to make a gin and tonic:

  1. Pour some gin in a glass, add some tonic, squeeze a lime in and serve.

The right way to make a gin and tonic:

  1. Find a fresh, soft lime with smooth skin (the super bumpy ones tend to have thicker skin and drier flesh).
  2. Wash the lime with vinegar or at least environmentally friendly soap and water. This helps to remove the wax buildup and other gunk from the skin of the lime that you do not want squeezed into your drink.
  3. Squeeze not one but two lime wedges into a glass. An empty glass. The ice comes later.
  4. Add two ounces of gin. Good gin. Gin that costs more than a movie ticket and less than two large pizzas.
  5. Add three ounces of tonic. We're not fussy about tonic water unless one of those fancy tonic water companies wants to pay us to be fussy about tonic water.
  6. Add some ice cubes. We're also not fussy about ice cubes. Yes, there are schools of thought out there that argue that the quality of the ice can immensely improve the taste of a cocktail. Well I'm sure that drinking a cocktail out of a diamond glass and stirring it with a golden spoon would also make it taste better but the last time I checked I was living a normal life with a normal refrigerator that makes normal ice.
  7. Pour the entire mixture into a new glass and then pour it back again into the original glass. No shaking or anything crazy like that. Just a quick dosey doe.
  8. Sip this bad boy slowly and take extreme pride in your ability to make a gin and tonic the way it was intended to be made: well.

Gin and Tonic

Gin & Tonic Cocktail Recipe 2 ounces gin 3 ounces tonic water 2 lime wedges for squeezing 2 lime wedges for garnish ice

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