White Peach Cocktail Recipe

It's October, but that didn't stop me from buying half a dozen white peaches the other day. They looked absolutely delicious and Southern California is experiencing a heat wave. So why not drink an icy cold peach cocktail on a random weekday? The peel was the slightest bit sour but the flesh was unbelievably sweet, lending to a perfectly balanced White Peach Cocktail. White Peaches

White Peach Cocktail 1 white peach (pitted) 2 ounces vodka 1 teaspoon sugar *1-2 ounces tonic or soda water is optional for those who like their drink to be a little less strong

Directions Slice up the peach and drop it into a martini shaker. Add the vodka and the sugar. Muddle it until the peach looks more like jam. Strain the ingredients into a glass filled with ice and serve (or add tonic or soda water).

White Peach Martini

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