Holiday Drinks: Tequila Holiday Punch

In a few hours, our friends will be arriving for a casual Sunday night dinner. We'll be setting up a taco bar with all the fixings including homemade guacamole.  But before I start preparing for the meal I wanted to get a jump on this batch cocktail so that it's ready for our guests as soon as they arrive (I also needed time for this blog post!). I love how it turned out! It tastes fantastic and is very festive - just perfect for entertaining through the holidays.

NEW YouTube video shows how to make this drink! Click here: Tequila Holiday Punch

Start with washing and then slicing about 7 limes in half, and washing your mint leaves.

Tequila Holiday 1

Muddle half a package of mint leaves with ½ a cup of sugar and ½ a bottle of tequila. Muddle until the mint begins to break apart and the tequila turns green. Strain the tequila mixture into a pitcher to catch the mint leaves.

Tequila Holiday 2

Squeeze all the limes and add the juice to the pitcher. Slice another 3 limes into thin wheels for garnish. Stir well.

Tequila Holiday 3

Add 2 cups of whole, uncooked cranberries and 24 ounces of cranberry juice, as well as the rest of the tequila. Stir well, then add the remaining mint leaves.

Tequila Holiday 4Hold off on adding any ice until you're about to serve the drink, or skip ice altogether and add it to individual servings only. Nothing is worse than a diluted cocktail.

Tequila Holiday 5

Tequila Holiday Punch 1 bottle silver tequila 24 ounces cranberry juice 1 package mint 10 limes (3 for garnish) 2 cups whole, uncooked cranberries ½ cup sugar

Tequila Holiday 6

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