Mixology 101: How to Make a Vodka Martini

ICON_Mixology101The construction of a vodka martini is a topic that can quickly change from a casual conversation to heated debate. Those who love a martini made a particular way will fight to the death that "their" recipe is best. We can all agree that the martini is easy to destroy. I'm positive that this one restaurant adds water to their vodka bottles to keep profits up. I was also bartending in an era when adding dry vermouth to your drink was considered gross. One of my favorite stories is about a customer sending back a martini I made because it had "way too much vermouth in it" and of course it had none (the problem was his taste in inferior vodka brands).

But much like the style of jeans, the way a martini is assembled goes in and out of fashion. Our recipe here is "stylish" today. Check back this time next year for a new martini trend.

For your vodka martini you will need… vodka, dry vermouth, olives, ice, a shaker, a measuring spoon, and ice.

Vodka Martini 1

Measure... 3 ounces of your favorite vodka into the shaker that you've filled with ice. If your vodka hasn't been in the freezer, make sure you're moving with urgency so that the vodka doesn't begin to melt the ice.

1/2 teaspoon dry vermouth (classic recipes from the old days call for even more).

3 olives to thread onto a toothpick (you like less? more? accessorize as needed!)

Vodka Martini 2


Shake the vodka and dry vermouth for about 10 seconds. The more you shake, the more the ice will begin to break apart. I like a few ice crystals floating on my martini but not ice chucks. Don't go too crazy with the shaking. Stirring your martini will get it just as cold but without the ice crystals.

Strain the mixture into a martini glass, garnish with olives, and serve!

Vodka Martini 3


Vodka Martini 4


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