Holiday Drinks: Santa's Shot

This is one shot we dare you to try: peppermint schnapps, créme de menthe, and grenadine. It doesn't get much more intense than this unless you add Jägermeister as a floater. But if you've got a sweet tooth like Santa, give this green and red holiday shot a try. Santa Shot 1

Santa's Shot ½ ounce grenadine ½ ounce peppermint schnapps ½ ounce green créme de menthe Smashes peppermint candies for the rim

Directions: Pour the grenadine in first. Then drizzle the peppermint schnapps over the back of a spoon. Add the green créme de menthe the same way so as not to disrupt the other layers. Let each ingredient "settle" and then serve (maybe with a Ho Ho Ho).

Santa Shot 2

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