The 5 Best Stocking Stuffers for Men & Women (Who Drink!)

Now is the time to add a few more pieces of barware to your home mixology corner. We've rounded up a few favorites we love so much that we're making them available right smack here on our website. Scroll down to discover fantastic gift ideas for this holiday season. CapsuleShaker_main

We literally have dozens of shakers in our homes and this bullet martini shaker is arguably one of our favorites. The lid seals perfectly to prevent spilling and easily twists on and off which are two of the most important elements we look for when it comes to a martini shaker. The clear top section allows you to see how the shaking is going, which is a valuable element when it come to making cocktails like flips. It's easy to clean and with a few wipes looks brand new again. Order here for $19.99


JungleBellCharms_mainKeep your wine glass straight from your BFF's (especially if she guzzles wine faster than you do) with these cheery, festive jingle bell wine charms. They clasp easily around the stem of any wine or martini glass and add a little music to your sipping. The bell colors are a metallic green, gold, silver, blue, red, and orange and the beading is clear. It's the perfect hostess gift to accompany that stellar bottle of Cabernet you're presenting. Buy a set of 6 for $8.99 here.


StainlessIceCubes_mainAnyone who likes a cold drink will appreciate these stainless steel ice cubes. The cubes will never melt (causing the tragic dilution of your beverage) and will never mess with the flavor in your drink. You can use them to chill white wine, whisky, scotch, bourbon, lemonade...whatevs. The final aspect we love about these cubes is that they don't scratch your glassware. The "ice" is rounded and perfectly smooth. Each storage pouch comes with a set of 4. Have a set of your own for $24.99.


ChalkBoardTags_mainWe recently attended a party where a giant dispenser of a mysterious looking beverage was being served. The problem was that no one knew if it was lemonade or a wicked Margarita batch. If only one of these cute little chalkboard tags had been hanging around the knob of the lid, all confusion would be lifted! Hang these signs around drink canisters, mason jars, or spirit bottles and write whatever you wish. It's the perfect spot to display ingredients, tasting notes, wise cracks, or simply the word "MINE." Get a set of 2 for $8.99 (chalk included!)


BambooWineOpener_mainThey call this the waiter's wine opener for a reason. It's easy to use, it's highly accurate, and it's extremely durable. Forget those fancy countertop-mounting and battery operated wine openers and go with a piece of bar equipment that will actually last through several holiday seasons. The handle of the wine opener is part bamboo and you can store it in this beautiful little bamboo box. Order one now for $16.99.



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