App of the Month : Chefs Feed

Chefs Feed If you've lived in a city long enough, or regularly read the food section in the paper, you'll begin to become familiar with your city's local chefs. If you travel a lot and call yourself a foodie, you probably know of chefs and their restaurants from LA to NY and everywhere in between, and probably have your favorites. The free app CHEFS FEED allows you to follow well known chefs as they recommend and comment on dishes made by their colleagues. You can see who they're fans of, and get a more intimate view of what inspires them. The app tagline sums it up: "I'll have what they're having." Here's how the app works for you: for example, I'm following David LeFevre of Manhattan Beach Post, and he hit up Canter's deli, enjoyed a Brooklyn Avenue sandwich, and left a comment about his experience. The app allows you to then follow LeFevre's lead by planning a visit to Canter's yourself, and leaving your own review about that same sandwich. The great thing about this app is that you get superb food recommendations from the experts, and can show up knowing exactly what to order with the assumption that it will be fantastic!

Check out this quick Chefs Feed promo video or their website for more info.

Chefs-Feed-1Each month we will highlight an app that we think is original, well functioning, and applicable to our lives. Also check out our very own DrinkIt! app for ipads, where you can find cocktail recipes and videos.

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