Beer Cocktails: Man Up, Beer

Whatever reason you usually give yourself to have an icy cold beer, you now have another reason. It's the called the Man Up, Beer Cocktail. After one sip of this drink you may actually never go back to drinking plain ol' beer. We had some friends over last weekend who swore they wouldn't like bourbon and limeade in their ale but boy were they wrong. It feels so good to be so right about something. Try this one for yourself and you'll never look at a bottle of beer the same way again.

Man Up Beer Cocktail 1

Man Up, Beer 1.5 ounces bourbon or rye whiskey 5 ounces light beer (or your fave) 1 ounce homemade limeade

Directions Pour the bourbon and limeade into the glass first, then add the beer. Try to sip it and not guzzle it (it's that good).

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