Our 6 Favorite Super Bowl Cocktails for 2014!

After three years of tasting, photographing, and writing about cocktails almost everyday, we have put together a list of our favorite Super Bowl cocktails for your big Super Bowl party this Sunday. We love every single one of these and will only have trouble deciding which ones not to serve this weekend. This Strawberry Beer Margarita is extremely easy to make and will please everyone in the house. Use fresh strawberries and add salt to the rim if you please. Recipe HERE.

Strawberry Beer Margarita 2 A Hot Lemon Drop cocktail may repeatedly drive you to that sour cream onion dip but it will be well worth it. This Patrón tequila drink is fantastic. Recipe HERE.

Hot Drop 1

The Grill Quencher Cocktail says it all. Spend all morning over the BBQ preparing amazing food for your friends and then sit back and relax to the game with a kick-ass cocktail. See how many it takes to quench your thirst. Recipe HERE.

Grill Quencher

The Michelada Cocktail could be one of the best beer cocktails ever invented. We'd recommend Mexican beer but to be honest, it will taste good with pretty much any beer you want to use. Recipe HERE.

Michelada 1

One of the best party drinks is a Long Island Iced Tea. If you haven't had one in a while, give it another try. It gets an unfair reputation as a party drink, which it is, but now that you're all grown up you'll have a different appreciation of it. Recipe HERE.

Long Island Iced Tea

Maybe Sunday would be a good day to serve Hard Pink Lemonade. It's made with a store-bought raspberry lemonade which goes perfectly well with clear spirits like vodka, gin, rum, and clear corn whiskey. Recipe HERE.

Hard Lemonade Rasp

Enjoy the game on Sunday! Hope your team wins!!

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