Author Interview: Natasha Burton

We met Natasha Burton in 2011 when The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags was published, a hilarious book about dating that she co-authored with Julie Fishman and Meagan McCrary. Natasha is one of those people who you just trust right away. She happens to be beautiful, funny, intelligent, and charming all at the same time without ever being intimidating. She's a girl's girl and definitely someone you'd confide in or go to for relationship advice or support. faceWe're excited to interview Natasha about her latest book for which she is the sole author. 101 Quizzes for Couples is a relationship book designed to help couples get to know each other on a closer level. She poses questions like "when was the first time you stood up to someone" and "which advice would you give to your past self back in high school," but also keeps it light with queries about "which pop culture reference you like more." And of course, there are the ever important questions about sex and the role it plays for couples.

When we spoke with Natasha last week, we had a few questions for her. Here's what she said...

Jocelyn & Jordan: We loved your first book, "The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags" which helps women spot and interpret early warning signs in a relationship. How did you become a relationship expert?

Natasha: Thank you! I really became an expert by accident! Relationships have always fascinated me—what makes couples work or not work, why people are apt to make certain dating mistakes, what helps people become better partners—and I've been writing about as well as researching relationships for nearly 10 years now. Once you write a book on the subject, you're immediately branded an "expert," so here I am!

Jocelyn & Jordan: Every chapter seems like a must read. Is there one particular chapter that will quickly expose a couple's potential chemistry if a reader is in a hurry to make a decision about a potential love interest?

NatashaThe great thing about this book is that each quiz is a chapter, really, so readers can really jump around to what they're interested in. I love that the book is formatted so you don't have to go through the quizzes chronologically. However, I loosely formatted the book into unofficial "past, present and future" sections so that the flow of the quizzes would make sense if couples did want to go through page by page. Personally, I think that the present "section" is juiciest since it gets couples talking about the here and now.

Jocelyn & Jordan: Do you think you can gain insight about someone from their drink choice?

Natasha: In some ways, yes. But I think drink choice can also spark misconceptions, too. For example, I have two guy friends who LOVE fruity, so-called "girly" cocktails. Most articles or experts analyzing drink choice would say these guys are sensitive or in touch with their feminine sides... I would say don't read too much into it. I think we're often too quick to judge guys and girls on silly things like this as a way to justify that someone is "meant for us" or totally wrong for us.

Jocelyn & Jordan: Do you drink anything as you're writing? And if not, what did you drink when you celebrated finishing this book?

Natasha: I don't! But maybe I should start? Whenever I finish a project or my fiance and I have something to celebrate, one of us will typically head to the grocery store to find the most expensive bottle of wine with the best sale price—like a $20 bottle that's only $7. Which, granted, is a little weird but we love being able to brag to the other person about scoring a deal.

Jocelyn & Jordan: For your last book, you were one of three writers. What was it like writing this book all on your own?

Natasha: It was much harder to stay focused, actually! Having two other authors to keep me accountable made the other book easier to write—I knew I had to finish my pages for the other two ladies. But for this one, I definitely procrastinated more.

Jocelyn & Jordan: We're going to guess that you already have another book in the works. Can you tell us about it?

Natasha: I do! I'm in the process of finishing a book proposal for a non-fiction book: It's about learning from past relationships and the benefits of having baggage. Fingers crossed that a publisher wants to buy it!

Jocelyn & Jordan: We're sure that your proposal will be snapped right up! Keep up the great work, Natasha, and we look forward to hearing about the success of 101 Quizzes for Couples.

Order a copy of Natasha's book from Barnes & Noble here or to win a book, enter our giveaway on our Facebook page here.




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