The Big Potluck! April 25 - 27, 2014

TBP_logoDo you ever wish you could gather all of your favorite food and drink bloggers into one locale and enjoy their recipes AND company at the same time? Well The Big Potluck offers just that on the weekend of April 25-27 in Southern California wine country. This weekend getaway is filled with inspiration, consumption of delicious food, and lots and lots of friend-making. We are thrilled and feel honored to be a part of The Big Potluck this year, and will be there demonstrating how to create some really fantastic consumable gifts for your guests and/or hosts. Join us! Check out their site to learn more about the weekend event. What a great way to enjoy southern California spring time and learn and eat a TON. There are tickets still available, so get yours today and come hang out with us!

Please let us know if you decide to come so we can look out for you there.

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