Cocktail Kickoff for the DOLE® Blogger Summit

It was a perfect Los Angeles night for food bloggers from around the country to gather for the Dole® Summit kick-off at Ford's Filling Station. Trays of amazing appetizers and our signature cocktails were presented at this intimate event for a fabulous group of women. We were thrilled to be part of the evening and to meet so many seasoned bloggers who share a passion for good food and healthy eating. We also met Chef Ben Ford, who couldn't be a more gracious host. His restaurant has been extremely successful and after eating a little bit of everything that was offered on a platters, it's easy to understand why. In the photo below from left to right are Kristy Bernardo (the Wicked Noodle), Chrystal Baker (Duo Dishes), Jessica Schmidt (Finn Partners), Chef Ben Ford (Ford's Filling Station), Julie Hendricks (Finn Partners), Ally Phillips (Ally's Kitchen), and Jordan!

Dole Group Photo

This is one of the bartenders who was making This Girl's drink recipes. He made them perrrrrrfectly.

Dole Bartender

This kind gentleman never stopped bringing by trays of Golden Summers, Blueberry Vistas, and Pineapple Islands.

Dole server

Here I am with Julie and Katey, two ladies from Finn Partners that I adore!

Dole Jordan, Julie, Katey

This is the event's signature cocktail, Golden Summer (click here for recipe!), in front of the one of the menu cards Jocelyn designed.


It was a fantastic evening and we cannot wait to see all their beautiful faces again soon!

Easy Entertaining: Delicious Drinks with DOLE® Frozen Fruit

Golden Summer, a Signature Cocktail for DOLE® Summit