Cocktails & Confections: Strawberry Cupcake Cocktail

ICON_CocktailsConfectionsA container of strawberry cupcakes, which practically attacked me there at the entrance of Ralph's on Sunday, was the inspiration for this Strawberry Cupcake cocktail. Between the happy packaging and the perfect, almost fake-looking frosting, there was no way I was sticking to my grocery list of avocados, spinach leaves, pomegranate juice, and nitrate-free bacon and passing on the pink cupcake display. Luckily, the ladies behind this blog are always on the lookout for an excuse to make a cocktail, leading to my happily placing a four-pack of pink goodness into my shopping cart without giving it a second thought. Strawberry Cupcake 3

The cocktail is divine but it really reminds me of is strawberry milk…with vanilla rum. So treat yourself to this decadent dessert drink and if you're like us, you'll have the cocktail and eat the cupcake too.

Strawberry Cupcake 2

Strawberry Cupcake Cocktail 1.5 ounces vanilla rum 1 ounce strawberry liqueur 2 ounces milk (or 2%, or even better... cream!)

Strawberry Cupcake 6

Strawberry Cupcake 4


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