Easy Entertaining: Delicious Drinks with DOLE® Frozen Fruit

One of the best ways to add flavor to your cocktail while also keeping it well-chilled is by using frozen fruit. We used the 12-ounce DOLE® frozen fruit packages which are perfect for making a lot of drinks at once. The packages, which are stored in your freezer, also ensure that you always have great ingredients on hand for those last minute get-togethers or the unexpected drop-in from your neighbor. We love these drinks for warm weather and easy entertaining and think that you will too. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

DOLE Blueberry Vista 1

Blueberry Vista Cocktail 1 cup DOLE frozen blueberries 1 ounce Bombay Dry Gin 1 ounce Ginseppe Alberti Limoncello Liqueur 4 ounces Korbel Brut 1 squeeze of lemon juice Lemon wedge garnish

Directions: Put the DOLE blueberries into the glass, using less for a champagne flute. Add the gin, limoncello, and lemon juice and gently mix or swirl the ingredients. Holding the glass at a slight angle, slowly pour in the brut, stopping just short of the top of the glass.

DOLE Pineapple Island 1

Pineapple Island Cocktail 1 cup DOLE frozen pineapples 1.5 ounces Malibu Caribbean Rum 2.5 ounces coconut juice ¾ ounce banana liqueur ½ ounce fresh lime juice Lime wheel garnish

Directions: Put the DOLE frozen pineapples into a lowball or bucket glass. Fill a martini shaker with ice and add the rum, coconut juice, banana liqueur, and lime juice. Shake for a few seconds to mix well and strain over the pineapples. Garnish with a thinly sliced wheel of lime.

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