Happy Hour at the Office, VeeV Style

Last night we attended VeeV's monthly happy hour gathering that takes place right smack in the middle of their offices. How's that for a comfortable work environment? And they don't just hire some random bartender who sets up in a corner with the same ol' bottles that you'd find in a speed bar. Nope. They have a favorite mixologist and a huge chunk of office real estate that is the bar with every kind of spirit you could ever want in addition to all of VeeV's amazing products. Imagine if every company included a full bar in their floor plan? We can think of a few jobs we've had over the years where a 5:00 staff meeting in the conference room would have been a lot less dreadful and dreary if everyone had little nip of something to sip. Oh, and the conference room table was a bar counter with stools for swivel chairs. Cheers to VeeV for knowing how to kick off every new month right.

VeeV HQ!

Jocelyn and Sae Talking Shop!

VeeV Raspberry Slimmer

VeeV Happy Hour Menu

Jocelyn and Jordan at VeeV Offices


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