Easter Drinks: Candy Corn Cocktail

We were quite delighted to discover that candy corn has a life beyond October 31st. It's called Easter candy corn and it's just as irresistible in the spring as it is in the fall. Actually, after eating enough of these oddly shaped triangles to be considered experts on the taste of candy corn, it's safe to say that regardless of the color it will always taste the same. Which means it will taste like corn syrup. Which is fine because as soon as you get snooty about candy corn you've officially become one of those adults that takes life too seriously.  So here's a candy corn cocktail that captures the taste and the joy of candy corn just in time for Easter. Easter Egg Bubbly

Blue Candy Corn Cocktail 4 ounces champagne ¼ ounce blue curaçao ¼ ounce pink grapefruit juice ¼ ounce pineapple juice Squeeze of one lime wedge

Easter Candy Corn

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