How to Make Chocolate Easter Egg Shots

It's that time of year again. Easter candy is everywhere and those chocolate eggs that tasted so good when you were a kid are begging to be carved out and reincarnated as edible vessels for spirits. The process is very simple but the presentation will elicit youthful giddiness. What better way to end a meal than by serving a dessert shot of bourbon or orange liqueur in a hollow chocolate egg? Well, those gigantic hollow See's candy bunnies could probably hold a whole bottle of wine but we're promoting moderation here people, and that much chocolate for one person just isn't good. Chocolate Eggs

Peel off the wrapper and take in the glory of the cream-filled chocolate egg.

Chocolate Eggs 2Fill a cup with really hot water and heat the knife to make slicing the chocolate easier.

Knife in Water

It's best to "saw" the chocolate to keep it from breaking. Your next step will be to scoop out the cream filling. We used the end of a baby spoon, but an ice pick, chop stick, or popsicle stick is just as dandy.

Cutting Egg

Once the end is sliced off, heat the knife again, and smooth out the edges. Fill the eggs with your favorite spirit or liqueur. We particularly love bourbon, orange liqueur, coffee liqueur, and almond liqueur.

Choc Egg Shots

Place the shots in an egg carton with other eggs or dress up that carton with Easter festiveness. And after each "shot", refill or start eating the "cup." Happy Easter!

Choc Egg Shots 2

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