Product Spotlight : MIXT Studio's Reusable Wine Bag

When buying a bottle of wine or spirit for a hostess gift, I always forgo getting a fancy gift bag, and it's mostly because I can never find one I like, and know it will just be trashed immediately anyway. After all, they aren't exactly the best size for re-purposing. MIXT Studio has resolved that issue with these innovative reusable wine bags. They're made from a durable, recyclable material that can hold up to the wear and tear of reuse. But the best part is that they come with this smart TO: and FROM: gift tag. "Fill out the tag (to, from, event, date) and pass it on to the next person on its journey. In the end, we think you will find that it tells the unique story of friendship celebrated." It's a nice way to document all the various events you've shared with friends, and may just end up coming back around to you! Find a variety of designs at MIXT Studio and while you're there, check out their festive party packs, wine markers, and coasters. MIXT_RWB-Bazaar MIXT_RWB-Oceana tag-orange_5

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