A Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea: Bottled Cocktails

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be limited to flowers! Give the gift of your presence by sitting down with your mom and enjoying a cocktail, pre-made by you with This Girl’s Bottling Kit. Find out what her favorite is if you don’t already know, and create this sweet little 4-pack of beverages custom made for her. Bottling cocktails is a lot easier than you think! But you need some basic tools to get started. Our kit includes:1) 187ML bottles (about 6oz) 2) Bottle caps 3) Bottle capper 4) Funnel 5) Four pack carrier 6) Labels & tags

We have endless cocktail recipe ideas that are searchable here on our blog, but some that we think are perfect for Mother’s Day are: Pretty & Pink or  Vodka Orange Sour. If your mom prefers a non-alcoholic option, this is the perfect opportunity to make flavored sweet tea or mint lemonade.

Bottling_Mom01Bottling_Mom03 Bottling_Mom02


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